Over 500 Targeted Leads in 30 Days for LABL.IT


LABL.IT offers an all-in-one labelling solution for commercial kitchens. Hospitality venues using a LABL.IT label printer benefit from a safer and faster way to manage food labels, allowing staff to focus on delivering the best service to their customers rather than worrying about administration tasks.

Having been long-term partners, LABL.IT approached us to explore ways of growing their leads, and we were more than happy to design a solution for them!

Our Lead Generation Campaign

ADVRT’s main goal was to deliver an increase of high quality leads to our long standing client, LABL.IT. As a result of recently expanding their sales team, they felt now was time to boost their growth and build on their solid foundations, so they asked us to design and execute a PPC campaign to reach a new audience to aid their expansion.

Therefore, a lead generation campaign was designed to reach more people who experience the problems that LABL.IT's products solve. Our aim was to drive leads to LABL.IT from managers or owners of venues around the country who wanted to trial the LABL.IT products, which are tools to save kitchen staff time, and to increase productivity and safety in busy commercial kitchens.

Campaign Challenges

With no PPC campaigns running previously, ADVRT was starting from scratch in terms of eye-catching creative, clear messaging and a target audience to sustain a successful campaign.

Additionally, after an in-depth audit of LABL.IT’s current marketing strategy, ADVRT discovered a poor-performing website for mobile devices may be hindering the performance of social media based PPC campaigns. Facebook does not look favourably on slow-loading websites, and can restrict the amount of views within a social media campaign.

Campaign Solutions

In regards to beginning a campaign without previous statistics to build on, our long-standing relationship with LABL.IT was on our side. We understood their products and services, their goals and ideal audience already. So we used our knowledge to build the PPC campaign by writing compelling copy, creating enticing images and constructing an audience spec that would target those who were most likely to be interested in LABL.IT.

Having said that, we kept the audience profile fairly general (20 – 65 year-olds within the hospitality industry in the UK) to reach as many people as possible. ‘Open’ or ‘broad’ targeting is currently delivering very promising results when we test in the industry. We normally run this targeting option alongside other ad sets to test what delivers the best results.

Open targeting allows the Meta ads’ algorithm to leverage the data points that it has on its user base, giving it the freedom to find people who are similar to others who have converted.

Secondly, while the challenge of their slow website was being remedied, we decided to keep the audience on the Facebook platform instead of directing them away from it. By keeping the lead forms on the social media platform itself, the entire process became quicker and easier for interested customers, all the while avoiding the website entirely.

Lead Generation Campaign Results

Our campaign for LABL.IT was deemed an incredible success by the client. Within the first week alone, 83 leads were generated at an average cost of £1.38 per lead. Within 30 days, our campaign produced 523 leads at an average cost of £1.94 each. We are very proud of these results, and our client is elated as they can see that the return on their ad spend has been maximised.

One of the pillars that helped support this campaign in delivering success was a strong value-led offer. We took the lead from LABL.IT and promoted their ‘14 day free trial in your venue’ offer. The copy was detailed but brief, with a checklist layout to show what industry-specific challenges LABL.IT products help to solve. The brevity and clarity of our copy proved a success for our busy hospitality working audience to digest easily.

The creative was self explanatory and eye-catching while remaining clean to keep in line with our client’s brand guidelines. It was interesting to note the performance of different ad formats on this occasion, with static images out-performing video ads for this particular placement. This is valuable information that we will carry forwards when creating our content creation plan for the following month.

Finally, by keeping our hospitality-based audience broad, we were able to gain a lot of touch points with a lot of relevant people. This was another informed decision that helped to make our campaign so successful.

Over 500 Targeted Leads In 30 Days For Labl.it - Advrt - Creative Advertising Agency

Lead Generation Campaign Results

With this boom in inquiries, LABL.IT were over the moon. Our results were exactly what they wanted, and we far surpassed their expectations.

Jack Purdie
Director at ADVRT Digital Marketing
With over a decade of experience working in and around the digital marketing industry, Jack now aims to bring this value and experience to businesses looking to improve their online exposure. ADVRT was founded by Jack to provide this service. Jack is featured in multiple publications and Google Partner accredited and also writes for a number of digital marketing blogs.

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